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Entrepreneur | Mentor | Motivator

Beyond Earth.Empowering Minds.Igniting the Future

Ravindra Raj BM

Meet the Spaceprenure

Ravindra Raj BM, a trailblazer on a mission to advance humanity’s multiplanetary pursuits. With roles like Motivator, Business Coach, and Space Tech Specialist under his belt, Ravindra's out-of-this-world approach to entrepreneurship propels you to new heights!

Ravindra's Journey...

His relentless passion for space innovation and business growth has revolutionised the way we see the cosmos as a breeding ground for opportunities, ensuring sustainable advancements.


As a visionary leader, Ravindra accelerates the progress towards becoming a multiplanetary species, pushing the boundaries and inspiring the thinkers and creators of today and tomorrow.

Who is Ravindra?

A multi-talented individual with expertise in Space Tech, Entrepreneurship, and Business Coaching. A visionary leader who aspires to advance humanity towards a multiplanetary existence.


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